Rooms are available from 16:00.

Check-in procedure will be automatically sent to you by e-mail after your reservation is completed.

Luggage storage

Reception @ the front desk in Market Terrace Cafe (2-64 Ishikawa-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama). During business hours, you can drop off your items free of charge on the day of check-in & check-out (not across the day). *Excessive items are available upon request.

There will be an additional charge for storage of items not belonging to guests of the facility and on days other than check-in and check-out days.


Dormitory ~10:00 / A whole house hostel ~11:00
*Non-stop check-out is available by contacting us via LINE or Messenger.
*Late check-out is not available. Please be punctual as cleaning is required. (If you stay after the check-out time, you will be charged 500 yen / 30 minutes for extra night stay.

Dormitory HACO. × ROCCO’s Art (women only)

YOKOHAMA GUESTHOUSE HACO.This is a female-only dormitory (shared room) that can accommodate 8 people. In the hall, there is art from Yokohama artist, Roko Satoshi. → Click here for details

A whole house hostel kobaco.Ⅰ

YOKOHAMA GUESTHOUSE TATAMI.The whole house is an inn. It is a symbol of a Japanese house, and welcomes you with tatami mats where you can experience the fragrance and comfort of Japan. You can stay like you live in this city. Sleeps 2 to 6 people. → Click here for details

A whole house hostel kobaco.Ⅱ×cutout art

TATAMI.Ⅱ 古民家with切り絵アートOne-storey old minka inn located on a small hill. On the wall of the living room, there is Kanji cutout art by Yokohama artist YOMA. It has the only bathroom with a full bath. → Click here for details

A whole house hostel kobaco.Ⅲ

Coming soon

A whole house hostel kobaco.Ⅳ

古民家まるごと一棟貸しkobaco.Ⅳ(小箱4)The second floor of the experience facility where you can experience rice cake pounding. A large Japanese-style room can be rented out entirely by a group. It is close to the station and has a bathroom with a bathtub, making it ideal for families with children. → Click here for details

Private room type oobaco.Ⅰ×BOOKS&LAUNDRY

OOBACO.Ⅰ with BOOKS&LAUNDRYThere is a coin-operated laundry on the ground floor where you can enjoy reading, and a bicycle rental port next to the property, making it an ideal place to stay for extended periods of time. The bed is a sofa bed that can be folded to make the most of the space. The room has a relaxed atmosphere and includes folklore sundries.→ Click here for details

Private room type oobaco.Ⅱ×ANNTENNA SHOP

The first floor is an antenna shop and cultural experience facility. From the entrance, it is a calm atmosphere using different fabric patterns for each room. There are two sets of bunk beds and additional futons.

The surrounding area is a shopping district with many restaurants and retail stores open from daytime to late night.→ Click here for details

Private room type oobaco.Ⅲ

プライベート個室タイプOOBAOCO.Ⅲ(オオバコ3)Private private dormitory type accommodation you can relax with a scent of grass. The tatami mats is symbol of Japanese houses. It is a little far from the station, it is close to two local shopping street, Ishikawa-cho and yokohamabashi , so you can stay like living in this town. → Click here for details

Private room type oobaco.Ⅳ× 5 ARTISTS

OOBACO.Ⅱ with 5 ARTISTSA fun facility where four private rooms and a shared space collaborate with five artists. It is in a slightly elevated location and has a feeling of openness. → Click here for details

Private floor & dormitory oobaco.V

The 2nd floor is a private room type dormitory with two single bunk bed rooms, and the 3rd floor is a private floor for one group only. → Click here for details

Private room dormitory oobaco.Ⅵ

プライベート個室ドミトリーoobaco.Ⅵ(大箱6)Three private room type dormitories with double bed use. Located on a small hill, it has a sense of openness. → Click here for details