A whole house hostel kobaco.Ⅳ

古民家まるごと一棟貸しkobaco.Ⅳ(小箱4)A private lodging facility with the fragrance of rush grass. We welcome you with tatami mats, the symbol of Japanese-style houses, where you can experience the coziness of a Japanese home. Located only a 3-minute walk from the station and very close to the Ishikawacho shopping district, you can stay as if you were living in this town. There are steep stairs. Please refrain from using this room if you are sensitive to noise, as it faces the road.

Capacity:4 persons
Address:108-1 Ishikawacho 3-chome, Naka-ku, Yokohama

  • Security cameras are available in the facility. No smoking on the premises. Bedding is self-service.

Facilitie / Amenities

Mini-kitchen, tableware, simple cooking utensils, refrigerator, microwave oven, electric kettle, washroom, toilet, changing room, bathroom, vacuum cleaner


Rooms are available from 16:00.

Check-in procedure will be automatically sent to you by e-mail after your reservation is completed.

Luggage storage

Reception @ the front desk in Market Terrace Cafe (2-64 Ishikawa-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama). During business hours, you can drop off your items free of charge on the day of check-in & check-out (not across the day). *Excessive items are available upon request.

There will be an additional charge for storage of items not belonging to guests of the facility and on days other than check-in and check-out days.


Dormitory ~10:00 / A whole house hostel ~11:00
*Non-stop check-out is available by contacting us via LINE or Messenger.
*Late check-out is not available. Please be punctual as cleaning is required. (If you stay after the check-out time, you will be charged 500 yen / 30 minutes for extra night stay.


Market Terrace Cafe Ishikawacho (front desk)

9:00 – 20:00 Open all year round / Closed on weekends and holidays

The room is for the exclusive use of our guests. Please inform us of your name when you use the room.

Free welcome drink
Other drinks from 400 yen, meals from 500 yen


Check in advance

★ No charge for sleeping with a child. (If bedding is to be used, even a child will be charged for one person.
★ High school students only, not including adults over 18 years old, are required to submit a parental consent form. Please contact the accommodation facility for details.
★ All areas of the accommodation are non-smoking, both inside and outside the premises (an additional cleaning fee of 30,000 yen will be charged for smoking).
Some rooms in the facility have steep stairs.
Room clothes are not provided.
★ Most of the accommodation buildings are shower room only facilities without bathtubs. Please use the local public bathhouse!

Accommodation Reservations

Please make a request reservation using the inquiry form. Please write “I would like to stay at kobaco 4” in the subject line, and send the number of people and the desired date. Our staff will check the reservation status and contact you.