Yokohama Guesthouse HACO. TATAMI
– live like the locals, connect with the community –

Spend your own way of time within traditional Japanese-style environment here at Yokohama Guesthouse HACO. TATAMI., Ishikawacho. Close to many tourist attractions in Yokohama, we opened this guesthouse in the hopes that you will use our guesthouse as your home base to explore and experience Yokohama. Rent a bicycle as your mode of transportation and live like the locals. Stay in the neighborhood and experience the old town within the big city, only available here. We offer various cultural programs for you to enjoy Japanese culture and our neighborhood.

First stop – Market Terrace Café Ishikawacho

First check in at Market Terrace Café Ishikawacho, which functions as the front desk of Yokohama Guesthouse HACO.TAMAMI.. You will then be lead through the local shopping street to your remodeled guesthouse. Along with a communal space within the guesthouse, guests can mingle with the local Ishikawacho community at Market Terrace Café, which acts as a neighborhood community lounge.

Luggage storage:9:00〜18:00 (no overnight storage)
Breakfast:morning service (Coffee, toast, boiled-egg)

Many events

Many events are held throughout the year where you can experience firsthand the local Japanese culture. Programs include Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) experiences, prayer experience at Suwa Shrine, Takoyaki party where you can mingle with the local community, and more.

Rent-a-cycle to tourist attractions

Rent a bicycle (baybike) at Market Terrace Café. Close to many tourist attractions in Yokohama, you can sightsee and travel as if living in Yokohama.

HACO. features ceiling art created by local artist, Rocco Satoshi

Known as the creator of wall painting, and having just finished his solo exhibition in San Diego, Yokohama-based artist Rocco Satoshi has created the ceiling art at HACO.. A pleasant surprise awaits you at night.