Post-test Rooms and Rates

Check-in: 16: 00-20: 00

*Late check-in after 20:00 is possible by contacting at least the day before

*Because you will walk on your own from the front desk to each accommodation building, we recommend that you check the location during the daytime when it is bright (entry is after 16:00)

Check-out: 9: 00-11: 00 at Market Terrace Cafe (Front) (off-hours consultation)


This is a female-only dormitory (shared room) that can accommodate 8 people. In the hall, there is art from Yokohama artist, Roko Satoshi. → Click here for details


The whole house is an inn. It is a symbol of a Japanese house, and welcomes you with tatami mats where you can experience the fragrance and comfort of Japan. You can stay like you live in this city. Sleeps 2 to 6 people. → Click here for details

Private room type OOBACO.Ⅱ×ANNTENNA SHOP

The first floor is an antenna shop and cultural experience facility. From the entrance, it is a calm atmosphere using different fabric patterns for each room. There are two sets of bunk beds and additional futons.

The surrounding area is a shopping district with many restaurants and retail stores open from daytime to late night.→ Click here for details

Private room type OOBACO.Ⅳ× 5 ARTISTS

A fun facility where four private rooms and a shared space collaborate with five artists. It is in a slightly elevated location and has a feeling of openness. → Click here for details